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Your actual performance data contains invaluable information. Uncover its potential.

Passport's Route Execution Management software brings you acute, real time visibility into your routes through planned vs. actual analytics, resulting in reduced costs, more productive routes and optimized performance.

The planned vs. actual analytical reporting that we compile and deliver to you provide invaluable, specific and actionable data, including:

• Yard/Depot/Office begin and end shift time
• Route sequence & compliance
• Drive time and distance
• Work time and break time
• Total time and cost
• Customer visits - planned, unplanned & repeat
• Return trips to the office location
• Trips to employee home location

The largest opportunity for productivity increase lies in seeing and understanding the difference between the planned and the actual workday. So make your data work for you.

With our Route Execution software you can:

• Optimize route performance
• Gain visibility into your front lines
• Improve transaction quality by identifying, assessing and adjusting actual route and work order status
• Track route compliance and productivity with real time GPS tracking & monitoring
• See cost of non-compliance with analytical reporting
• Increase profitability
• Increase return on investment

Uncover your data's potential.  Contact us to learn more.