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Planning & Scheduling

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Mobile Data Collection

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Route Execution Management

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Passport's Key Features


Flexibile and Sophisticated Data Capture

Forms are configured according to your workflow and support a hierarchy of tasks and subtasks. Data capture is supported by barcode or badge scanning, biometrics, and dropdown lists.


Enhanced Usability

Get your employees up and running in just a few minutes, with simple screens, point-and-click operation, signature capture and multi language support.


Extensive Data Capabilities

Streamlined data entry and validation is supported dropdown lists filtered and validated for each user. Details are stored on mobile device for review & edit. Validation errors from the back end system can be sent to the device in real time for user review and correction.


Multi-Modal Applications

Supporting flexible modes of operation to work the way you do, wether in managed teams or as individual employees.


Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with Kronos Workforce products, ensuring that business rules are applied consistently and data is exchanged in real time.


Offline Productivity

Undisrupted operation is possible where information is captured offline and automatically transmitted when connected.


Security and Reliability

Security is ensured with password protected login, user rights enforcement and encryption of data. End to end state monitoring even with offline/online transitions and network interuptions.


Low Cost of Ownership

Transaction-oriented SOA architecture delivers performance and capabilities well beyond a web browser while eliminating the need for local database synchronization, resulting in low cost of ownership for users and IT.

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