Data Collection & Front Line Activity Tracking

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and you can’t measure what you can’t track.  For many companies, collecting the data that could help optimize operations is just too painful.  Passport inTrack enables the capture of detailed labor and job activity data such as job start/stop, hours allocated to specific tasks, associated quantities and results, and job status… all on the spot and without disruption, online or offline.  


Construction worker with tablet











Benefits of real time activity tracking:

  • Improve job costing & billing
  • Gain visibility & control
  • Track, measure and manage
  • Location aware tracking & triggering
  • Automate labor tracking for mobile employees

Switch Modes to suit your working environment:

inTrack offers flexible modes of operation to work the way your employees work.

  • Group Mode  – for managers of a team to record activities data with a single click
  • Kiosk Mode – for employee teams without a manager nearby, to capture data for the team.
  • Individual Mode – for employees who work independently to efficiently record information about their activities.


  • Enhanced usability
    • Powerful crew selection & management features
    • Easy signature capture
    • Supports multi-language
  • Streamlined data entry and validation
    • Automatically recalls previous day’s entries on projects to reduce data entry time
    • Copy feature to copy to a future day to reduce data entry time
    • Bar code and badge scanning
    • Verification via drop down lists, bar code scanning, RFID and biometrics
  • Flexible and sophisticated data capture
    • Supports both online & offline data collection
    • Supports both start & stop and duration based data collection
    • Supports both real-time and after the fact data collection
    • Supports daily approval & signature capture
  • Supports CA meal break requirements
  • Seamless integration with Kronos Workforce products

Read more about inTrack here.